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Russia is very concerned about "creeping Fascism rehabilitation" observed in some countries, according to Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergei Lavrov who made this statement at the opening of exhibition titled Holocaust: annihilation, liberation, and salvation. The... .
Sound recording company Melody became a laureate of the International Classical Music Awards (ICMA) for Special Achievements, TASS reports. The jury awarded Melody for the project titled Anthology of Russian Symphonic Music. As per the sound recording company, the art in Russia has gone through a... .
The Epiphany is celebrated today on January 19 by Orthodox Christians. Traditional Epiphany ceremonies including a ceremony of bathing are held today all over Russia. Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all-Russia is going to lead the church service and sanctify the water in Moscow’s Epiphany... .
The second competition day of the ISU European Championships has completed with Russian figure pair skaters' triumph, according to TASS. Russian athletes won all the prizes. Following the results of the short program the pair from France Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres were... .
75th anniversary of the breakthrough of the blockade of Leningrad is marked today, January 18th. The siege has continued for 900 days. Despite the cold, poverty, hunger, the inhabitants did not buckle under the enemy. Due to various data sourses from 400 thousand to 1,5 million people have... .