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The third event in row makes a tradition, say the organizers of the Spartakiad supported by the Russkiy Mir Foundation. The contest welcomes the foreign students from universities in the Far East included into the Asia-Pacific Association of Russian Language and Literature Teachers. The number of universities-members and foreign students who participate the sport event grows every year. ...

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Canadian CRCC Costumes and dances of the last century as well as dishes cooked by Russian recipes has been prepared for the participants of the 12th Alexander Palace Ball. The Russian Century ball will be held on October 19 in Toronto, the Council of Russian-Canadian Cooperation reports. ...

19.10.2018 Subject: Community

© OSCE Moscow has asked the OSCE to examine the Ukrainian official language bill, RIA Novosti reports. According to Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov, the request was sent to Arlem Dezir, the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media. The head of the Russian Mimistry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) notes...

19.10.2018 Subject: Politics

Russian Embassy in Japan / Facebook The Russian-Japanese Forum has started on October 18 in Tokyo, RIA Novosti reports. It is dedicated to cooperation between the two countries in the educational and scientific areas as well as in the field of learning Russian. The participants are the deans, teachers and scientists of universities in Russia...

18.10.2018 Subject: Education Russian capital presents its touristic potential at the ITB Asia International exhibition, RIA Novosti reports. The exhibit opens today, October 18, in Singapore. Visitors and participants of the event will learn about opportunities for tourists in Moscow. Members...

18.10.2018 Subject: Travel

Gagarin Research & Test Cosmonaut Training Center The name of Yuri Gagarin appeared on the map of Uganda's capital, TASS reports. One of Kampala's streets now bears the name of the first space explorer. The solemn ceremony of the opening a memorial plaque took place in an African...

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New Publications

Christina-Maria Teleman (Belyaeva by husband’s name) opened a ballet studio in Cherepovets after grand carrier in theaters and circuses of Germany, Romania, and Holland. Over the five years since studio opening, Christina-Maria’s students have become laureates of international and all-Russian competitions. Our article is about a native of Romania who fell in love with Russian ballet and moved to Russia following her calling.
Can national character be studied by standards of speaking etiquette? And why entering an elevator without greeting anyone is absolutely ethical conduct? Renowned linguist, Doctor of letters Maxim Kronhaus has been observing Russian speaking etiquette for quite a while. He shared his conclusions at the ROPRYAL Congress being conducted these days in Ufa.
The 200th birthday anniversary of Ivan Turgenev will be widely celebrated in November not only in Moscow, Paris and Baden-Baden. Lebedyan, Shchigry and Topki, as well as other towns and villages of the Oryol and Kursk Regions, famed by the writer in his “Sketches from a Hunter’s Album”, have been also preparing for the celebration. Lots of things have changed in these parts, which Turgenev scholars and huntsmen from the Oryol Region call “Turgenevian woodland”, but hunting is still excellent.
The multi-move combination aiming to eliminate Russian language from all areas of formal and social life is still under way in Ukraine: on September 10 the Chief Scientific Expert Department (CSED) of Verkhovnaya Rada (the Parliament of Ukraine) issued an opinion about feasibility to pass the bill “On support of Ukrainian as the state language”, draft of which was introduced last year, on June 9.
The delegation from Russia took part in the chimney sweeps parade in an Italian town of Santa Maria Maggiore, where thousands of masters from 28 countries of the world came together for the event. Russian chimney-sweeps school is considered to be relatively new comparing to a number of European countries; nevertheless Russian chimney sweeps are believed to be among the world’s best ones.