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Anniversary of German Pushkin Society celebrated in Berlin

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Anniversary of German Pushkin Society celebrated in Berlin


RossotrudnichestvoGerman Pushkin Society has been popularizing literary heritage of the grand Russian poet and Russian culture overall in German-speaking countries for already thirty years. It was founded by 150th death anniversary of Pushkin. Great-granddaughter of Emperor Alexander the Second Countess Clotilde von Rintelen has been heading this society for all of these years. More than two hundred people are its members are present at the event, Rossotrudnichestvo website reports.

The range of different activities is planned for the anniversary. Influence of Pushkin on culture in Europe was discussed at the symposium held in Central Berlin Library. Pushkin School theatre actors from St. Petersburg gave two performances Angelo and Krechinsky’s Wedding.

Directors of the largest Russian Pushkin museums: Mikhailovskoye museum reserve, All-Russian Pushkin Museum and State Pushkin Museum became guests of the celebrations.

All visitors could enjoy exhibitions dedicated to the great poet and organized in Russian House of Science and Culture.

Head of museum reserve Mikhailovskoye Georgy Vasilyevich provided drawings by Nikolai Predein about life and literary heritage of Pushkin. Director of Pushkin State Museum Eugeni Bogatyrev presented poet’s portraits for the exhibition titled First Love of Russia.

Celebrations ended up with literary music programme and gala dinner in Russian Embassy.

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