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Russian History e-library opens in Bratislava

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Russian History e-library opens in Bratislava


Presentation of Russian History e-library and remote access to the libraries’ stock took place in Russian Center of the European Slavic Literature and Culture Foundation in Bratislava.

Electronic Library of Russian History internet project was initiated by Russian History magazine and supported by Russian History website.

The main purpose of the project is involvement of active residents and organizations in Russia and abroad into history and culture of Russia.

Access to e-library for all visitors has been opened in Russian Center since December 2017. Several people can work with the library simultaneously in the computer classroom of the Center. The library catalogue comprises 500 books on Russian history and local lore including pre-revolutionary editions, scientific and studying literature, albums of historical fine arts necessary for history and local lore classes. Library funds include books and magazines of the Imperial Russian Historical Society and Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society.

Judging by experience, e-libraries significantly simplify the process of studying. Possibility of direct access to unique literary editions will become common practice for teaching Russian language courses.

Alexander Bushuev, Bratislava

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A Finnish volunteer Lauri Karhu spent a year and a half in Donbass. After he came home he wrote a book about the events titled The Last Bullet. The book has recently been published in Finland and is being translated into Russian at the moment. According to Lauri, the book is about unbelievable tragedy of the war and the huge price Donbass had to pay for its liberty.