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Remote Russian language lessons from Australia to America

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Remote Russian language lessons from Australia to America


Russian Herzen State Pedagogical University with support from Russkiy Mir Foundation has started implementation of pilot project Virtual Cabinets headed by Professor E. A. Khamraeva. Scientists and supervisors of the university support Russian school teachers abroad remotely. Twenty schools from Australia to America are taking part in the project on the first stage. The first results, in particular, Russian Assistant project, were presented at 11th Assembly of Russkiy Mir in Nizhny Novgorod and evoked vivid interest.

The first lesson on this programme took place the day before Catholic Christmas in Paris at Aprelik school, which is also taking part in the project. Pupils of two senior groups (9-11 years old) were studying Russian in a format of teleconference lesson.

The topic for the virtual lesson was timely chosen and corresponded to celebration of Christmas and New Year in Russia and France.

After setting connection and the first meeting, Anastasia, representative from Moscow proposed children to take a virtual walk around winter decorated Moscow. Video conference brought our pupils to the Red Square where they saw Moscow chiming clock. They were surrounded by cheerful and vivid atmosphere of Moscow State Department Store and they appeared at one of the largest skating grounds right on the Red Square.
Children had to answer questions during the videoconference. It was very easy for them. They all knew dates of Catholic and Orthodox Christmas and found Russian Father Frost very quickly. It was also very easy for them to find Olivier salad among other Russian dishes.

Each of them told Anastasia who brings presents to children in France, how Christmas and New Year are celebrated in their country and what traditional dishes are cooked for these holidays in France.

L. Drobich, Paris

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