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US Security Service continues accusing Russia of elections meddling

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US Security Service continues accusing Russia of elections meddling


wikipedia.orgThe official representative of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova called to be nothing but a lie a claim of the American security service that Moscow has been meddling in the elections in US for many years. She reminded that no such accusation had ever been voiced before the elections of Donald Trump, reports RIA News.

Earlier Mike Pompeo, the CIA head said that Russian authorities had been trying to interfere with the elections in US for decades. He also claimed that US have other enemies who had been trying to do the same. The CIA head assured that the security service is doing its best to keep the Congress elections free and democratic.

The representative of Russian Foreign Ministry noted that all complains about the Kremlin hand are groundless and they appeared after the American election system resulted in electing Donald Trump for President.

Never before had the authorities and security service voiced such problems or asked Russia such questions, added Maria Zakharova.

It should be reminded that the issue of Russian secret service interfering with the election campaign of US President and the elections in other countries like Montenegro and Austria has been raised more than once last year. The Russian top management represented by Vladimir Putin and Sergey Lavrov have always denied this fact and asked not to demonize Russian authorities.

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