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US Army to get a new kind of nuclear weapons to suppress Russia

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US Army to get a new kind of nuclear weapons to suppress Russia


wikipedia.orgA new nuclear warhead is to appear in the US Army to suppress Russia, TASS informs. The local mass media report that US authorities intend to relieve existing limitations for the use of nuclear weapons. The warhead is planned to be installed on the Trident rockets.

John Wolfstall who used to head the US National Security Council for Arms Control claimed that the purpose of this is suppressing Russia. He said that Moscow wouldn’t be able to use nuclear weapons in the conflict in the Eastern Europe. The ex-authority is sure that if Russia or the North Korea tried to use it, the consequences would be severe.

The mass media calls the current nuclear policy of US much more aggressive than the one with the previous White House administration. The supporters of arms control are worried about the suggested smaller weapons. It is becoming more probable that it would be used. US in its nuclear doctrine is going to extend the list of conditions allowing the use nuclear weapons. It is going to include nuclear attacks causing mass destruction and attacks of strategic facilities. The text is to be published this month.

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