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The Soviet War Memorial desecrated in Austria

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The Soviet War Memorial desecrated in Austria


Bulat Khaydarov Twitter pageThe dark paint was spilled over The Soviet War Memorial situated in the central part of Vienna, Schwarzenbergplatz Square. Press secretary of the Russian embassy in Vienna Bulat Khaydarov has posted this information on Twitter, RIA Novosti reports.

The memorial based on Soviet architect's and sculptor's project, was raised right after Vienna liberation in 1945. Local people call it The Liberation Monument or The Russian Monument.

It is presumed that the monument was desecrated in the night of January 10. Bulat Khaydarov has informed that RF Embassy is going to send the note of protest to the Austrian MFA.

It is worth mentioning that many memorials to anti-fascist liberators are dismantled, moved away to suburbs or vandalized in European countries in the last years.

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