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Boldinsk Autumn reading contest winners awarded in Jordan

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Boldinsk Autumn reading contest winners awarded in Jordan


Publicitātes attēliThe readers’ contest titled Boldinsk Autumn has completed in Amman, Jordan, according to the website of the World Coordinating Council of Russian Compatriots living abroad. More than fifty readers and artists took part in the event held in the Russian Center of Science and Culture. Among them were representatives of the older generation, graduates of USSR universities, students of Jordan Institute and students of Graduates’ Club of Nalchik and students of Jordan’s Cultural Centers.

At the awarding ceremony, Boldinsk Autumn project’s supervisor Elena Titova has expressed hope that the contest will facilitate greater interest to studying Russian language and literature.

Organizers of the contest presented contest winners with prizes and diplomas of the Boldinsk Autumn nominees. Many project participants accepting the award read poems of the genius poet one more time and confessed their love to Russian literature.

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