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Russkiy Mir Editorial  The number of international students in Russian universities grows continuously. Today 272 thousand foreigners study in Russia. According to the Ministry of Education and Science the quantity of full-time students in Russian colleges and universities will grow up to 710 thousand in 2025. This year admissions in Russian universities participating in Project 5-100 have started in the end of winter – beginning of spring. At the present time admissions are drawing to a close, and applicants are going through serious entrance exams. Those who want to study in...

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Svetlana Smetanina  A Finnish volunteer Lauri Karhu spent a year and a half in Donbass. After he came home he wrote a book about the events titled The Last Bullet. The book has recently been published in Finland and is being translated into Russian at the moment. According to Lauri, the book is about unbelievable tragedy of the war and the huge price Donbass had to pay for its liberty.   – Your book, The Last Bullet is about the war in Donbass. What brought you there? Why did you find events in a remote country so fascinating that you decided to go there? - I'd been watching the...

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Yulia Goryacheva In accordance with the Franco-Russian military convention dated 1892, our countries were allies in the war always referred to as the Great War in France and as the Second Patriotic War in the Tsarist Russia. We call that cruel war the First World War. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the First World War’s ending. Soldiers and officers of the Russian Expeditionary Force fought for the French Republic back in 1916 – 1918 demonstrating bravery and self-sacrifice, many of them losing lives. The bodies of the majority of the soldiers have never been found. Today Russia opens unfairly forgotten...

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Julia Goryacheva Yves Franquien (Alexander Burui, Russkiy Mir Magazine) Russian immigrants hatched the idea to open The Russian Center of San Francisco during pre-war times. The Deputy Chairman of The Museum of Russian Culture at The Russian Center of San Francisco Yves Franquien talks about past and present of the major independent Russian immigration archive. —Yves, The Russian Center of San Francisco carries the biggest non-governmental Russian Immigration archive. Founded in 1939 by Russian immigrants, it will celebrate 80th anniversary very soon. How the local Russian...

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Photo: Organisational Committee Russia-2018 Just recently many foreign editions have noted the excellent organization of the FIFA World Cup in Russia. Today they paid attention to the great performance of the Russian team in the debut match with Saudi Arabia. Indeed, we have much to be proud and glad of.    The Norwegian Aftenposten finds several reasons to that. New face of Russian cities First of all, the newspaper notices renewed Russian cities hosting the World Cup, with clean streets, fresh and nicely decorated downtown. “As the result, the Russian...

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Svetlana Smetatina  On June 12 participants of the Friendship Train Berlin–Moscow 2018 project came back to Moscow having completed 9 different routes around Russian regions. They have been to Saint – Petersburg, Crimea, Sochi, Vologda, Nizhny Novgorod, the Baikal Lake and even Chechnya. The strongest impression of the trip is common desire of people from different countries to live in peace and friendship unshakable by anti-Russian propaganda.   We are All Alike, Though We Speak Different Languages  A unique project in its kind of true people’s diplomacy was launched...

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High-level representatives from 12 countries will visit Moscow to attend FIFA World Cup-2018 final match today, July 15. Heads of Croatia, France, Qatar, Palestine, Sudan, and other countries arrived in Moscow, the Aide to the President of the Russian Federation Yuri Ushakov... .
The FIFA President Gianni Infantino told media that the world championship organized by Russia is the best in the history at the final press conference in Moscow. Infantino called the tournament “amazing” and thanked everybody for unforgettable emotions, RIA... .
Roscosmos achieved a big success in setting a new record of speed at which a cargo spaceship (Progress MS-09) reached the International Space Station, reports Rossiiskaya gazeta web-site.  In the opinion of the Russian President Vladimir Putin this event has an... .
Cremona, the world’s capital of violin-type music instruments was introduced to a restored Pietro Guarneri cello. The restoration of the musical instrument from RF State Collection was done on request from Vladimir Putin and with the support from RF Ministry of... .