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Georgii Osipov The most amazing time during the Russian winter is the period between Christmas and the Epiphany, which is celebrated today. It is held (though the weather defies this tradition) that this is the time of the harshest cold spells. And as if the counter the cold, according to Russian tradition, it is also the height of winter revelries during the Christmas season. Log and Bannister By the way, the festivities leading up to the Epiphany have not been well received by those in power. Here is a threatening decree from Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich: “…it is known that…on the eve of the Lord’s...

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Marina Bogdanova Winter in Russia is a time of joyful holidays. Christmas and Christmastide—up until the Epiphany—are the brightest and happiest days of winter. How did they celebrate these holidays beloved by the people in Old Rus? Thanks to the decrees of Peter the Great, Russian cities would turn into forests at Christmas, such was the abundance of fir trees brought in for sale. Vendors of hot saloop bustled amidst the snow-covered fir trees; stores were decorated with lanterns, tinsel, tree ornaments, and Christmas cards; carts with frozen birds and pork drove out to the markets, as the Christmas...

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Polina Skolkova Until the end of the 15th century, the new year began on 1 March in Old Rus (as in Ancient Rome), and then until the end of the 17th century it began on 1 September (as in Byzantium). With his decree “On Celebrating the New Year” at the end of 1699, Peter the Great replaced the practice of counting years “from the creation of the world” to “from the birth of Christ.” Since then, Russia has celebrated the New Year in European fashion. With one flourish of the pen, Peter the Great transferred Rus from the year 7208 to 1700. Then, the tsar cited the tradition of “European Christian countries,” including...

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Sofia Gubaidulina is 86 years old. She is, without exaggeration, one of the most influential composers of the second half of the 20th century. For over twenty years Sofia Asgatovna has lived in a small house in Germany and doesn’t make very many public appearances. Our colleagues, reporters for the German Russian-language publication Russkoe pole, met with her and discussed her life in Germany and connection to Russia, current developments in music, and what’s happening in the world. — Sofia Asgatovna, how are you getting along in this place, where there are just a few houses among the forests and fields? Do you get...

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Some people associate contemporary business society with values that are very far from Christian ones. Someone views this as a greed, feels a desire to get rich using others, thinks that business and honesty contradict each other. But the life proofs opposite. Door Manufacturer company Kelso works for almost 40 years in sunny Australia, very far from Russian borders. Kelso director is a hereditary Old Believer, 71 years old  Mikhail Ovchinnikov. Milkhail Moiseevich is full of energy and keeps pace with so many things that it's easy to envy him. Businessman, community activist and philanthropist proves with his life that...

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Dmitrii Klimov In the well-known Russian film Assa the primary antagonist, the boss of the criminal world played by Stanislav Govorukhin, suggests playing a game of “Bangladesh.” The rules are simple: you must name any number. His naïve partner says, “seven.” “I win,” concludes the ranking criminal. “I guessed eight.” It seems that the World Anti-Doping Agency and the IOC are playing by these same rules. [Photo:] After the Russian Paralympic team wasn’t allowed to participate in the Rio games last year on account of the doping scandal, there remained a very thin hope that the Olympic officials...

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Russia is very concerned about "creeping Fascism rehabilitation" observed in some countries, according to Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergei Lavrov who made this statement at the opening of exhibition titled Holocaust: annihilation, liberation, and salvation. The... .
Sound recording company Melody became a laureate of the International Classical Music Awards (ICMA) for Special Achievements, TASS reports. The jury awarded Melody for the project titled Anthology of Russian Symphonic Music. As per the sound recording company, the art in Russia has gone through a... .
The Epiphany is celebrated today on January 19 by Orthodox Christians. Traditional Epiphany ceremonies including a ceremony of bathing are held today all over Russia. Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all-Russia is going to lead the church service and sanctify the water in Moscow’s Epiphany... .
The second competition day of the ISU European Championships has completed with Russian figure pair skaters' triumph, according to TASS. Russian athletes won all the prizes. Following the results of the short program the pair from France Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres were... .