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The Russkiy Mir Foundation has undertaken an international cultural project to develop Russian Centers in partnership with educational organizations around the world. The Foundation's Russian Centers are created with the aim of popularizing Russian language and culture as a crucial element of world civilization, supporting Russian language study programs abroad, developing cross-culture dialog and strengthening understanding between cultures and peoples.

Russian Centers News

Patriotic campaign titled Memory of the Heart started in the Russian Center in Saloniki, Greece, in April and came to an end with a musical poetic event dedicated to the heroes of Russia and Greece with participation of the poetic alliance Amphectionia to Hellenism and poetic society of the Northern Greece.
Public festival organized by St. John of Kronstadt parish with support of the Orthodox Initiative 2017–2018 International Grant Contest took place in Hamburg on May 27. Russian Center of Tchaikovsky's house took active participation in the event that accommodated 300 people.
Names of 20 finalists of the Rainbow Literary Award were announced in Verona. Russian-Italian competition for young writers and translators aged 18-35 is held for the 9th time by Conoscere Eurasia Association and the Russkiy Mir Foundation.